Take your head out of sand over burden of immigration

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I would like to respond briefly to NP Johnson’s letter (June 14) by saying open your eyes and take a look at some of the comments in The Star from decent residents having to put up with the disgusting behaviour caused by the influx of 2,000 Roma Slovak migrants who have moved to Page Hall, Fir Vale, Tinsley and Darnall during the last two years.

This unacceptable situation (which is happening in every city throughout the country) has been brought about thanks to regulations imposed by the EU and our Government hasn’t got the guts to tackle this problem head on.

This can only be resolved by leaving the EU and unlike NP Johnson I do not consider the few benefits we do get to be worth this country paying out £50 million a day.

Does he/she expect that the residents in these troubled areas will find consolation in the fact that “Sheffield is a welcoming city accommodating people from across Europe”, or consider that those who object to the mayhem taking place on their streets to be “narrow-minded, insular bigots”?

Take your head out of the sand NP Johnson and look at the reality of the burden that is being placed on our country.

The open-door immigration policy is having a devastating effect on many communities and is changing the whole British way of life.

No wonder people have nothing but contempt for the politicians of all the three main parties who ignore the concerns of the public, who they arrogantly expect will vote them into office.

They need to start listening and then more people might be inclined to turn out to vote at the next General Election.

Susan Richardson

by email