Take time to debate issues

Have your say

Every day on these pages The Star aims to display and provoke debate between readers and columnists.

In the age of social media it seems as though everyone has an opinion about everything, except, perhaps politics.

However, while we’ll provide unrivalled coverage of the forthcoming general election in May, today also marks the launch of Sheffield’s first Festival of Debate.

The festival will run during March and April. It will feature panel discussions, question and answer sessions, debates and speaker events.

Future events are set to cover a variety of subjects – from pioneering female MPs to the private rented sector, immigration and austerity.

As we also report today that the chairman of a HS2 protest group has thrown his weight behind campaigners in Tinsley who face losing their homes to make way for high-speed rail, it is vital for people to make their voices heard.

Making your vote count at the general election is one thing but we also urge people to think hard and discuss and debate the issues that matter to them.

It is only by coming together as communities that pressure is able to be put upon decision makers to get it right.