Take bagpipes back

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So Alex Salmond wants independence for Scotland.

Give them independence - on condition they take every single set of bagpipes back over the border with them.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

Sleeping at knight

I BET former bank boss Fred Goodwin won’t be able to sleep having his knighthood taken back, but he can always count his £650,000-a-year pension which he keeps. I bet he’s bothered.

Mandy Farrow, Hallam

Switch off spot lights

WHY do drivers with cars fitted with front spot lights leave them on? It’s not foggy, which is what they’re intended for and your lights are blinding other road users.

Please don’t use the excuse that the lights are ‘factory set’ because they will switch off, you just have to find the switch! I thought it was an offence to drive with fog lights on anyway, especially in rain.

LB, Sheffield

Affect thousands

the DWP informed me last year that women born after April 1954 would not receive their state pension until 65. I now have a letter stating that has now changed to women born after April ’ 53!

They also urged us to pay the shortfall in full NI contributions as otherwise we won’t receive full pension. This will affect thousands more women.

They are a law unto themselves and need bringing to account.

DA Wragg, Avon Grove, Chapeltown