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Ugc Columnist James Bond
Ugc Columnist James Bond
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As a personal trainer specialising in obesity I am not surprised at the statistics The Star came out with recently.

However I would say that trying to get funding from the authorities is like banging your head against a brick wall – the harder you try the less success you get. The sad fact is that now I have to get all my clients to fund their rehabilitation privately.

However, the super overweight don’t work, so all too often they have to borrow money to rehabilitate themselves.

It beggars belief that we as a society are quite happy to spend £8-10,000 of tax payers money on weight loss surgery when for around half that a proper rehabilitation programme can really transform the obese individuals life.

All too often people are refused gym membership because they are too overweight – believe it or not.

These people are society’s forgotten prisoners. Imagine walking everywhere with two 100kg suitcases. Imagine your quality of life?

Most gyms are not equipped properly to cater for these people and I have increasing numbers on my books who have been failed by them.

Most gyms are of no use for these people.

Indeed I will never forget when I worked for one gym a 35 stone woman was refused membership bluntly by one member of staff because she was too overweight.

I can also remember when one of my lesser qualified colleagues devised a programme for such a person.

It’s a good thing I was asked to review the programme he devised – it would have killed the individual.

Over the next few weeks I am doing a series of free online seminars on practical things you can do every day at home to help you to lose weight without going to the gym (eg stand on one foot at all times).

All anyone has to do is email me on jamesbondpersonaltraining@gmail.com or go to my facebook site http://www.facebook.com/jamesbondhealthandfitness and I will give them details.

One lady lost two stone simply by following the free advice on my daily email health hint of the day system.