Switched-on for TV guarantee after delay

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Steven Haywood was over the moon when he bought a new Samsung television a few weeks ago from Curry’s in Meadowhall.

Not only would his old television be taken away for him, his new set also came with a five year guarantee.

But his joy soon turned sour when the guarantee wasn’t as easy to get as he expected.

He called the customer services at Know How to be told that it should have been sorted at the store, but that a guarantee would be posted to him.

Five days later and Steve still hadn’t received anything.

A quick email, which also threatened to contact the Action Desk, seemed to do the trick. Steve had a call to say that the paperwork was taking a while and his guarantee would be emailed over within an hour.

But no. Several hours later and Steve still hadn’t received anything.

He told Action desk: “That was the last straw. That’s why I’m hoping you can help me.”


A few hours after Curry’s was contacted by Action Desk, a company spokesman confirmed that the terms of the guarantee have been forwarded to Steve.

A copy had also been put in the post.