Switched off over radio fees

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THREE hundred quid just for playing the radio.

Sheffield hairdresser Denise Giagnacovo is despairing at the cost of something so insignificant.

But the powers that be demand payment.

The cost is £90-a-year to the Performing Rights Society and £142.66-a-year to another organisation PPL – plus a £71.33 fine for last year.

That covers her to today, at which point Denise says the radio will be turned off after 35 years.

Denise, of Just Hair, Crookes, said: “My business is the worst its ever been and they want £300 just to listen to the radio.”

A spokesman said: “This licence is required to play recorded music in any business context and covers millions of recordings. PPL distributes fees to 46,000 performers and 5,750 record companies.

“We take infringement of copyright very seriously and will take action to protect our members’ rights. PPL field workers attend sites to obtain evidence of infringement.”