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I am aghast at Mr Chansiri’s actions at SWFC. Of course, he bought SWFC and is entitled to take it where he wants but as a loyal fan let me just summarise the craziness that prompts me to write this email...

1) He sacks a stable and respected manager who built a team with a solid foundation but lacking goal scorers.

2) He releases half the team knowing he his going to be sacking the manager.

3) He selects a Portuguese “nobody” as a replacement with little or no credibility in England. Obviously he thinks he has the next Jose Mourinho but it is a dream, Mr Chansiri, and I expect this guy to last three months in the job and SWFC to be in the bottom three when he is sacked, takes a sizable payoff and scuttles back to Portugal.

4) He tries to recruit a 1st Division manager (Mark Cooper) and demote him to 2nd in charge. Again, with respect, this is a guy without Championship credibility or experience.

5) ...and possibly the most damaging point... he sanctions offering reduced contract terms to SWFC defender Glenn Louvens. Mr Chansiri - without this guy your defence is poor to average at best and no “managerial committee” will be able to stop SWFC from conceding goals and inflicting on fans the pain of flirting, once again, with relegation.

Premiership in two years... you’re having a laugh!

Gary Calverley

Leslie Road, Sheffield, S6