Support groups to keep hold of cash

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Well, for one of the first times I agree with Susan Richardson.

I too run a tenants and residents group, which will more than likely fold in October at our AGM.

We have no interest from anyone, only when we put a event on when a majority can shove their kids out and expect others to entertain them.

Gone are the days of families doing things together for the majority of kids.

Following one of our very informative meetings where we were offering free computer lessons and to help tenants/residents on benefits with the changes due to be implemented shortly it is quite shocking to find that 67% of social housing tenants are on either full or part benefit.

Only one out of every four allocated houses goes to those genuine folk on the housing waiting list. This is totally unbelievable.

Everyone is told to go to the private rip-off sector if they work.

So the people who now are allocated council homes are usually ones not working and who don’t seem to care how lucky they are, as we the working are paying for their lifestyles.

The council should vet people more carefully and when the properties are not kept tidy and decent throw them out.

All I can see is discrimination against those who are waiting to be rehomed after sitting patiently on the list while newcomers here, pregnant or any other supposedly vunerable person gets it furnished, paid for, and lets it rot.

The TARA tried to help so many but without the help from local tenants the money that levy-payers contribute will go back to the big pot and trips and events will be lost to our area and go to the estates whose tenants can be bothered to support their TARA.

A big well done to Lowedges, which has a massive support and does really well.

Fraser Tenant