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I am sick to the back teeth of reading snide comments from bitter little left-wing trolls that keep insisting David Cameron has no right to govern the UK.

Let’s get some figures straight: Labour lost 91 seats during the 2010 general election dropping to 258 seats, many of which were very close to call, taking a grand total of 8,609,527 votes – many of which would be ‘newly arrived’ or ‘on the payroll’.

The Conservatives on the other hand gained 97, taking them to 307 seats with a grand total of 10, 726, 614 votes. A swing to Conservative from Labour of 5 per cent.

Most of those who changed allegiance were not from Labour’s newly-imported low wage work force or public sector/union stooges out for their own agenda, but hard- working individuals and family people that were sick to the back teeth of the New Labour experiment in social engineering that has doomed an entire generation of British youth to the scrapheap in favour of foreigners that have little or no loyalty to UK interests.

More than 90% of jobs created under Blair and Brown went to immigrant workers instead of our own unemployed and now for the most part unemployable underclass of youth.

And people wonder why youth unemployment is so high. Ask Tony Blair, ask him if he thinks his open door policy was the right thing to do to the UK’s own fledgling workforce.

As for the snipes at the Conservative cost cutting and effort at boosting the economy, please do not make me laugh.

Gordon Brown was utterly inept and left what was a reasonably robust economy and treasury when he arrived at Number 11 with debts that have now reached £1 trillion. The man is an idiot, he sold our gold reserves at a record low and look at what price gold is today...a record high.

Let’s get behind David Cameron and back his efforts to change the UK for the better, because after Labour’s diabolical decade of disaster it cannot get much worse.

LS, Sheffield