Summer brings happy days!

UGC Columnist Rachael Habergham
UGC Columnist Rachael Habergham
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Summer – What does it mean for you?

Of course it has the typical combination of British weather, after all if it didn’t what would we all talk about. The first glimpse of sun is always welcomed with open arms as it brings a smile to so many and visibly lifts the mood of the city. Summer brings with it so many opportunities;

There is always a summer of sport, from football at the World Cup, tennis at Wimbledon or athletics at the Olympics. This year sees something different as Yorkshire, including Sheffield gets a fantastic opportunity to welcome The Tour de France. Sport divides so many things, Wednesday and United divide our city and many households are divided on whether to watch all 64 games in The World Cup. I am sure the cycling will be different as people line the streets in support, looking for the famous yellow jersey.

The weather (sometimes) provides opportunity to sit outside and relax with friends on a picnic in one of our lovely parks or sit outside our favourite café, a walk in the glorious countryside or chilling with a cold drink at a local bar. I read with interest this week of a Prosecco bar opening in Sheffield. One for a summer evening with friends and a great way to support another local business

Summer also brings momentous days in households as children leave school and prepare the next chapter in their lives. For many that will be determined by those dreaded days in August when exam results are out. For those waiting, enjoy every minute of summer, the exams are now behind you and no amount of worrying will change results. There are few times in life when you have so long to do what you choose, enjoy them.

Many choose to take their holidays in the summer and this year, after many years of the children nagging I will be spending a week at The Rotary Club in Castleton in a 50 year-old tradition. A group of Wales Methodist Panto Players will spend a week having lots of laughs continuing the tradition started by Roy Staniforth MBE.

According to those who have been before, if you haven’t been jacking you haven’t lived.

Maybe I will explain jacking in my next column!