Such great workmanship

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Visiting the city recently I was impressed by the patience and workmanship of the contractors currently repairing the embankment that lines the banks of the River Don between Rutland Road and Neepsend Lane.

Why? Much of the stonework is either worn, loose (or has been swept away in the floods). Each piece of stone has to be strimmed into shape and slotted into place just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Giving the fact that these workers are suspended from “bosun’s chairs” some 30 feet above the river level and an equal amount from the road above at times!).

I was transfixed by the quality of their work. Also on the mud banks surrounding the Rutland Road Bridge (and around the recently renovated Ball Street bridge too).

Many pastel-coloured flowers growing wild too. Yes, lilac, white, pink and red, all add colour to this once run-down area of Sheffield. An uplifting sight if ever there was one.

If any of your readers know the names of these plants currently in flower in the middle of the Don I’d love to know.

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Bolsover