Students should show respect for locals

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The wife and I had a walk on Sunday morning along Fulwood Road and were disgusted to see the mess it was in.

We picked up 10 beer cans and about six fish and chip trays. All about 20 feet away from the nearest bin.

That was the distance from Thornboury Hospital to Shore Lane. We eventually approached Manchester Road and whilst waiting for the 51 bus we met a lady with a black bag, who was picking up fish and chip trays, beer cans and waste in general. She said she did it because she lived in and respected the area, and did not fancy living in a bin.

I think it’s time the university took a little bit of responsibility and put up notices asking the students to show a bit of respect to the locals in the area and every other area they frequent.

I keep hearing about wardens patrolling areas to try and catch the culprits. Go outside the Bankers Draft, they will have a field day.


Westminster Crescent