Students are helped to tackle rubbish blight at end of university term

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Students have been helped to make a clean exit after their university studies came to an end – with Sheffield Council doubling the number of extra bags available for unwanted items and rubbish.

Traditionally, neighbourhoods with high levels of student housing have been blighted by overflowing bins and extra waste left on pavements.

But this year, Sheffield Council has worked with contractor Veolia, landlords, students and residents to create a ‘much smoother changeover’ when students for the summer holidays.

Efforts included doubling the number of special red waste sacks given to students for waste which will not fit into wheelie bins from 10,000 to 20,000, and encouraging an increased take up of recycling.

The sacks were collected by Veolia alongside normal rubbish.

Landlords have now praised the co-ordinated effort for ‘keeping disruption to a minimum’.

Gina Bennett, from Claypenny Properties, said: “It can be a stressful time of year when all the students leave at once and we can understand people’s frustrations. It was amazing to see the way everyone mucked in together this year to make sure any disruption was kept to a minimum.”

Coun Harry Harpham, Sheffield Council deputy leader, said: “It is great to see this has all run so smoothly. Thanks must go to all those who made huge efforts to make sure this happened, including the students.”