Student robbed by masked man

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A UNIVERSITY student was robbed of her phone by a knife-wielding thug as she walked through a Sheffield park.

Masked Billy Willougby, aged 20, told terrified Charlotte Rodizi he was ‘teaching her a lesson’ and warned her she shouldn’t be walking alone in the park because someone might rape her, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Jailing him for 27 months, Recorder Mr Sandeep Kainth said: “To make comments you were teaching her a lesson and to repeat it, coupled with other comments she could be raped, beggars belief.”

Faria Alam, prosecuting, said Miss Rodizi was walking through Weston Park on Tuesday, January 10, at about 6.30pm, when Willougby - who had a bandana over his face and a hooded top on - saw her and slowed down, so she could catch him up.

Miss Alam said: “She was worried and began to back away.

“He asked her why she was scared and she became distraught and started crying.”

She said the student saw he had something in his hand and up his sleeve which looked like a knife.

“Miss Rodizi said ‘please don’t hurt me’, so he threw the knife into bushes.”

Miss Alam said Miss Rodizi took out her BlackBerry phone and offered it to Willoughby. He took it and told her he was doing it to teach her a lesson.

“He said he hated women who walked alone in the park, as there could be someone in the park who would rape her.

“She was terrified and asked him not to hurt her.”

Miss Alam said Willoughby kept repeating he was ‘doing it to teach her a lesson’ and Miss Rodizi eventually grabbed her chance and fled.

Willoughby, of Harcourt Road, Crookesmoor, Sheffield, admitted robbery and possessing a knife.

The court heard it was his first offence and he had a difficult upbringing because his mother had died when he was 10 and his father was in prison serving a lengthy jail term.

He claimed he had committed the robbery to buy his sister a birthday present and buy cannabis, to which he was addicted.

Mr Kainth said he had gone out with his face concealed, carrying a knife and intending to ‘get up to no good’.

He said: “You decided to make a quick buck by robbing someone, that was a fatal mistake by you.”