Student hurt after falling in same place South Yorkshire couple were trapped

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A STUDENT suffered head and back injuries when he fell out of a window at Edale Youth Hostel.

The 17-year-old, from Germany, was on a week-long school visit when he fell into the yard while attempting to close a first-floor window.

Members of Buxton Mountain Rescue team were called to help the casualty in the early hours of Monday before he was taken to hospital.

The night before, the rescue team was called to Kinder Scout after a Doncaster couple were trapped in a deep bog.

The married couple, aged 48 and 46, had driven to Edale and set off for a day’s walk on Kinder. They followed a satellite navigation bearing which led them into a deep peat bog.

Rescuers said the woman managed to free herself, but her husband ended up stuck.

They had food and spare clothing and managed to ring police and give an accurate grid location for rescue team volunteers to find them.