Student behaviour

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Walking home from work near Leopold Square at around 23.30 last night was less than a pleasurable experience.

As I approached the bottom of the Moor near the news kiosk I noticed a group of students (most in some kind of fancy dress) around a police car, with one student in the back.

I heard a policemen say: “He’s going to be nicked for that,” to which a student replied: “He’s not done anything!”

Minding my own business I continued to walk on and as I turned the corner to walk past Dempseys bar and the fruit and veg store I saw that a full bus shelter screen had been smashed, covering the road with glass which taxis were trying to drive around.

Credit to the Dempseys staff, though. They were sweeping the glass to the side of the road.

On I continued. After buying what I needed from Sainsbury’s on London Road, I turned right out of the store and walked down Boston Street past the Unite student accommodation to encounter a scene which seemed reminiscent of Britain in the 1800s when the streets were covered with filth from people throwing waste from their windows.

I hopped, skipped and jumped over vomit, trails of urine, smashed eggs and broken glass and at the end of this gauntlet there was yet another trail of urine, but this time with the person still in the process.

As I hopped over it he caught my eye and asked: “You want a picture?”

Well, with a nice frame, it would look great on my mantlepiece, I thought. But chose to ignore him and walk the short distance to my home near the United ground.

Bearing in mind it wasn’t that long ago Philip Laing showed us what he thought of our city by urinating on our war memorial I honestly feel that not so much the bars and clubs, but the universities and student housing companies are simply not taking enough robust measures to stop this anti-social behaviour which is making a mess of our city.

Matt Temple, Margaret St, Highfields