Strikes hit the wrong people

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FRESH disruption comes to Sheffield tomorrow as a wide range of public sector workers take part in a day’s strike as they protest over changes to their pensions.

No matter what views you may have over public sector pensions, and there are a lot of untruths being spread about them being more attractive than those on offer to people in the private sector, it is difficult not to have some sympathy for people who are suddenly told their longed-for retirement finances will be less than they had expected... and through no fault of their own.

However, we have to ask whether the right way of going about correcting this situation is by inconveniencing people who have nothing whatsoever to do with the cause. And, even more to the point, have no option to influence any future decisions.

As with all disputes, this will be settled through negotiation rather than by confrontation. And the sooner both sides settle down seriously to resolve their differences, the better it will be for everyone.

Noisy bikes out of place in Peak

THE manner in which the Trail Riders Fellowship makes its case for off-road bikers to be allowed to use certain tracks through the Peak District is very impressive. It is polite, constructive and to the point.

However, at the end of the day there is no getting away from the disruptive and even intimidating nature of encountering someone riding a motorbike along a quiet green lane in the countryside.

People set out to find peace and quiet - and some fresh air – when they strap on their walking boots and stride out across the 500 sq kilometres of open countryside within the park now open to them.

They do not expect to have the peace shattered by a noisy bike leaving polluting exhaust fumes in its wake.

Springing to life

CONGRATULATIONS to the people of Firth Park who rolled up their sleeves and transformed a run-down corner of their favourite park into something to raise everyone’s community spirits.

The old boating lake and surrounding area has been given a facelift to form a new environmental zone including a wetland area fed by a natural spring, a decking area so people can get closer to the wildlife and an amphitheatre for events.

This will all help to bring the park, always a much loved feature of the area, even more into the heart of the community. Well done to all involved.