Streets are not paved with gold and UK is full

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There is much talk about immigration into the UK, and quite rightly people are concerned about the pressures on society this brings, both culturally and financially.

We have made many mistakes in the past, handing out British passports to Commonwealth citizens, also allowing immigration to individuals who make little or no contribution to increasing the wealth of the nation, in the ’70s/’80s and probably later, they hopped off a plane and had officials at the airport advising them where to go and how to sign on.

The problem it seems to me is in their originating country where wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few and extreme poverty is rife, where corruption prefers the status quo, even in the new emerging financial powerhouses, India and Brazil to name just two.

The powerbrokers in such countries are quite happy to see their overpopulation problems picked up by other western nations.

Our capacity to deal with problems created elsewhere in the globe is forever under strain and to be frank unwanted, hence people are evermore strongly asking the question, why us?

The problems need dealing with thousands of miles away and if they won’t do this willingly the only way is to stop immigration (unless we can’t source their skills at home), and ensure the message is clear, the streets are not paved with gold, and the UK is full.