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No I don’t think it right that Amey should have called the police. We were not consulted where the street lights were put on our street and we have dark areas, even though their literature says it is a brighter cleaner light.

They also state in the article there would be no light intrusion into the lady’s bedroom.

We have an attachment that can only be described as blinkers on one of the lampposts because someone complained of light intrusion. We found out that they dim the lights after 12 o’clock making it even darker.

We contacted our local MP and councillor and now they have stopped dimming the lights after 12 o’clock but this has not improved the level of light that we had before the LED lighting.

We were led to believe it was brighter, then why all the complaints? It is because of the number of lampposts being removed and the distance between the ones moved is greater, so dark areas have been created.

As for the street resurfacing, it is a joke they have only done a couple of hundred yards and left the rest.


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