Street light installed after staff called police on Sheffield mum in stand off

Gail Hattersley stands her ground on the spot where Amey want to install a new lamp post 20 feet from where a current one is

Gail Hattersley stands her ground on the spot where Amey want to install a new lamp post 20 feet from where a current one is

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A street light has been installed outside the home of a defiant mum after she had the police called on her for refusing to move in a bizarre stand off.

Gail Hattersley was hoping to defer work to install a new LED streetlight outside her home - replacing a light a few yards away - when she took a stand on the spot where it was to be installed.

She had tried to speak with Sheffield Council contractor Amey to defer the work but was told that it would be going ahead regardless of her views and they had a legal right to dig up the road.

But staff working for Sheffield Council contractor Amey, which is carrying out the Streets Ahead works, called police to move her on.

The police were unable to help as it was a civil matter, and Streets Ahead apologised ‘for any upset that had been caused’.

Since then the street light has been installed on Hunter Road, Hillsborough, despite Ms Hattersley asking for a stay of execution so she could raise her concerns.

The mum, aged 59, said: “All the lampposts have been put in on my street, and I was right as it is right in front of my window and an eyesore bound to adversely affect my home when lit.”

Streets Ahead had said that it would meet with Ms Hattersley to alleviate her concerns.

Bosses insist that the new LED lights offer a ‘cleaner, whiter light which is directional and should not have much light spilling into her bedroom window’.

They say that because the new lights put more light on the pavement than the old sodium versions.

A member of staff visited Ms Hattersley on Monday but she said that none of her suggestions for an alternative solution had been looked at and the work had taken place before Sheffield Council could respond to her complaint.

She added: “They have pre-empted any discussions the council and I might had had within the complaints process and completely ignored the procedure.

“My local councillor was not quick enough to respond to talk to them and nobody else on the council who I have contacted, has shown any respect or consideration.

“They have not even given the time to have a reasonable discussion, explanation or anything.”

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