Straying cow killed by train

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PASSENGERS had to leave a train in South Yorkshire when the front carriage struck and killed a cow which strayed on to the line.

The cow was hit near Chesterfield Road, Swallownest, between Woodhouse and Kiveton Park railway stations.

Engineers were called to the site after the driver of the Northern Rail service from Huddersfield to Retford reported the accident at around 10.05pm.

The collision caused the train’s engine to fail as the unit lost its air pressure.

Firefighters were called to the scene for assistance in removing the dead cow, which was trapped under the train.

The crew from Aston fire station was also asked to help a blind woman and her guide dog from the train.

Network Rail engineers eventually removed the cow’s carcass from the line themselves after midnight.

The broken-down train was taken back to Sheffield station for repairs.

Alternative transport was offered to the 15 passengers who had to get off the train, which had been the last one of the night between Huddersfield and Retford.

The railway was cleared at just after 2am.