Stop wasting council taxpayers’ money

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Was I the only one alarmed by the comments from the chief executive of Sheffield City Council defending Labour’s huge bill for consultants? He says that even though the people they paid millions to call themselves consultants, we shouldn’t think of this as consultancy work!

Sorry Mr Mothersole, but if they call themselves consultants, act like consultants and send taxpayers huge bills like consultants – then in my book they are consultants.

Labour councillors should stop wasting council taxpayers money on them. There can be no justification for shelling out up to £800 a day, especially at a time when Labour councillors insist they can’t find any money to keep our libraries open.

Maybe we should start calling our libraries ‘book consultancy centres’. Perhaps that way Labour would listen to campaigners and find the relatively small amount required to keep our libraries open.

Javid Khan

by email