Stop this obsession with further education

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Once again we are at the time of year when many young people are looking forward to starting a new university course, but how many are actually wasting their time by enrolling at all?

Over the last 20 years universities have been filled with often lower qualified students doing ridiculous and pointless degrees which in many cases will not increase their chances of getting a decent job by one iota.

Surely it’s time to stop this stupid obsession with further higher education and the subsequent demonisation of young people who do not wish to attend university and would prefer to start work and earn their keep.

Too many schools are putting pressure on youngsters to think of a degree as the only way to a better future when this is clearly not always the case.

Many successful individuals left school with little or no formal qualifications but went on to be successful in their chosen field through hard work and determination.

As a local employer of more than 50 staff I look for people with a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and a will to win. I suspect most employers in this city will do likewise.

A degree tells us very little about an individual other than they can pass exams.

I was lucky enough to be part of the Question Time audience in Sheffield recently and the subject of cuts in university grants and subsequent student debt was raised.

Around half of the student loans will never be paid back by the students for a variety of reasons and will instead be picked up by the tax payers – this is unacceptable and could be avoided.

We should be encouraging our young people to develop the skills and attitudes employers are looking for through working and earning money not building an unmanageable debt which will hamper their future for years to come.


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