Still paying the bill and will be for a few years

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I wish to let my views be known to you over our city council’s proposed demolition of Don Valley Stadium and move to Woodbourn Road.

Most people in our city, could see the folly of building such a large stadium on the promises of money and support from the Government of the time, and TV rights and private sponsorship, all of which came to nothing.

So the brunt of the costs fell on the taxpayers of Sheffield, who will be still paying the bill for a few years.

Most level-headed people could see that we were going to be left with a white elephant, if other means could not be found to secure the stadium’s future.

Sheffield Eagles and Rotherham United have helped in a small way, and the training of our Olympic competitiors has helped make our city a so-called City of Sport.

God help our up-and- coming sports people of the future.

What’s wrong with allowing our schools to use the facilities, many have little or none?

Where do our athletes go to train?

Don’t tell me Woodbourn Road track, that’s been a dump for the last 20 years, otherwise why did we build a new Don Valley?

And to have the cheek to tell us the council are prepared to spend thousands of pounds on it, well this just adds insult to injury and once again it’s the taxpayer who picks up the bill.

B Swain

Sheffield S5