Still no idea when bin will be emptied

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Last week a sticker was attached to my black bin explaining that collections days were to change and that I would receive a booklet with all the new dates by August 10.

When this date arrived, I hadn’t received my booklet, so I did what it said on the sticker and rang Veolia on the number provided. I assumed that this would be a direct line, but in fact it was Sheffield City Council.

I had to go through five options before selecting the one appropriate to refuse collection. This put me through to Veolia, where I was presented with another five options. My phone bill was rising. I picked the correct option, and a little voice told me that all the operators were busy and I needed to wait.

So I waited and eventually a nice lady answered and took my name and telephone number. I explained to her what I wanted, to which she replied that she couldn’t help me because ‘the system is down.’ Presumably no-one thought to print the details off their system just in case it crashed. She did promise to get someone to ring me back, though.

Still no booklet or return call, so I have no idea how the changes affect me.

I assume I am not the only one in this situation. You would have thought that Veolia would have given themselves plenty of time to ensure that everyone was notified of the changes, before implementing the system. Perhaps the binmen, who said this week could be chaotic, will be proved right.

SC, Shiregreen

n Having just received the council’s literature on the new black and blue bin recycling services it is interesting to note that the council are making ‘savings’ whilst the Government are making ‘cuts.’

Actually, the Government are also making savings by allocating less to councils. Another political play on words. If the council had the will or ability to make some effort to collect the £20 plus million in unpaid rents and taxes then some ‘savings’ such those at waste recycling centres may not have been needed.

PLR Sheffield