Stick to robbing poor

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Now Cameron is interfering in football over some racist comment by John Terry.

Stick to robbing from the most vulnerable and rewarding your wealthy chums. How does Clegg sleep, knowing he’s helping to wreck the country?

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I’m a fan of Colin

after reading Colin Drury’s first Diary column, about a year ago, I made some very uncomplimentary comments in the letters page.

But I started reading his pieces and was pleasantly surprised, but this week’s Diary surpassed them all. The lad has matured and I am happy to admit that I was wrong. I am now a paid up member of the Colin Drury fan club!

Phil Parker, S36

Joke giving lights

What a joke that the police are to give lights to cyclists who break the law by not displaying lights!. They give the motorists a fine and a ticking off. Justice?

Amelia Harris, Hallam

Drunk with power

Now Cameron wants drunk tanks. What a good idea. Maybe he and Clegg are the first in one, as they’re drunk with power?

Alice Carrow, Swallownest

Bin men’s pay rises

binmen are considering strike action because they haven’t had a pay rise for three years. If I was a them, I’d be asking what has the union been doing to allow Veolia to have increases from the council but not pass this on to the workers.

Cliff Hircock