Stick to 20mph and feel safer and less stressed

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In March 2012 Sheffield City Council, rightly convinced of the benefits for all road users, residents and shopkeepers of lower speeds where people live, endorsed a strategy for the introduction of 20mph speed limits across appropriate areas of our city.

As an affordable start to this process, 14,000 households in seven areas of Sheffield were recently consulted to see if they wanted 20mph zones in their area.

Having received only a handful of objections, our council, like an increasing number in the UK, decided to go ahead, and the signs are going up now.

These are legal limits, just like 30mph ones, so I have been sticking to 20mph as I drive down Crookesmoor Road, and in doing so I have noticed two things.

Firstly, I’ve become aware that I really could stop quickly if I needed to, avoiding the stress and potential tragedy of a collision, rather than my usual ‘hoping I don’t have to try’ approach when I travel at 30mph.

Secondly, I’ve also noticed that I invariably end up at the next junction or queue in pretty much the same manner as before, with the same vehicle in front of me, regardless of the speed it’s been driven.

So for me taking the 20mph challenge has been worthwhile. As a driver I am less stressed, use less fuel, feel safer, and having less impact on my neighbourhood. www.20

Richard Attwood