Stay calm on the forecourt

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IT is highly difficult for motorists to remain calm at the moment, as they are threatened by the prospect of a strike by petrol tanker drivers – particularly when we have a Government resorting to knee-jerk advice.

David Cameron’s tip to keep your vehicle’s tank full has simply resulted in long and frustrating queues at filling stations – even though those tanks will be near empty by the time any strike should happen.

And the idea of stockpiling fuel in petrol cans is simply dangerous, ridiculous and ludicrous.

Both suggestions give the impression that they come from people totally divorced from the day-to-day reality of life faced by the men and women of Britain today.

However, as we say, there are still some very good reasons for motorists to be anxious about the situation.

For we have come to rely totally on our cars to get us about on our daily business, whether it is to get to work or to go shopping and put food on our tables. And the prospect of petrol supplies drying up would disrupt much of our daily life with no real alternative at hand to ensure we can move about.

We cannot stress enough that this is not the time to panic, but the moment for careful consideration and forward planning.

By this we mean that people should think twice about any journeys they may be planning in the weeks ahead and they should stick to time-tested safe and economical driving techniques.

Most of all, they should keep calm and show that they will not be panicked into behaving irrationally.

Meanwhile, we know that everyone will hope that the two sides involved in this damaging dispute will see reason and come to the conclusion that it can only be resolved through compromise rather than confrontation.

Privileged to get lifetime chance

CONGRATULATIONS to the high-flying young business team from Stocksbridge High School who have won this year’s BiG Challenge, which earns them a VIP trip to Dubai.

The event gives teams from local schools chance to put their business ideas into practice and compete against other schools.

We are sure the experience of a trip to the Middle East will be inspirational for the youngsters. But even more so will be the experience of seeing a business grow from an idea into a booming enterprise. That is the kind of lesson which comes around rarely in a lifetime and these youngsters are privileged to get this chance.