Station encounter

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To the elderly gentleman I met at Sheffield railway station at 12.08pm, Monday, August 3, I found your story interesting knowing you played for Liverpool years ago and would like to learn more, sorry I had to dash away. I would like you to contact The Star.

I hope you do not leave your bag unattended again while turning your back on it, it could get stolen.

To the man who was talking to him, I make no apologise for interrupting you, but to inform you, I have your face etched in my mind.

I took note of the story you gave him of your wife losing her baby to get money from him.

The hug you gave him was not enough and if you value your freedom you will not scrounge any more cash from him but pay him back some of the money he said he had given you.

Getting money this way is called obtaining money by false pretences and the police could be interested.

This time it was another £250 and he said no more, he meant it.

I can only guess you chose the railway station because there were lots of people around, it also explains why you hid from sight in the exchange.

The surprise on your face now tells me why, you were not expecting anyone stopping you like I did.

I shall be watching out for both of you in the future.

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