Star readers win prizes galore

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COMPETITION winners have been picking up prizes in contests in The Star - from concert and football tickets to DVDs and top trips out.

Vivienne Bussey, Christine Case and Andy Wilson all won tickets to see Rick Wakeman perform at Sheffield Cathedral.

Andrew Mumford, Melanie Middleton and Paul Cross bagged tickets for Sheffield United’s game against Middlesbrough, while John Roper, Graham Hill, Clare White and Christine Young got the chance to see Sheffield United play Cardiff.

Doris Day CDs were sent to Jacqueline Jolly, Janet Lawless, Denise Currie, Philip Harrison and Lawrence Evans, and Drifters albums were won by Michele Fudge, Peter Houghton and James Garnett.

Derrick Scholey, Maureen Beeston, Ian Wright, Johnathan Pidcock and Jayne Blackmore won DVDs of the film Valkyrie, and Linda Jenkinson won a new smartphone.

Massacre DVDs were won by Wendy Nickerson, Laura Rackham, Naomi Reilly, Jamie Keys and Alan Broomhead, and Nadine Goude, John Emmett, Christine Lockley, Susan Hewerdine and Molly Nixon enjoyed a trip to the bowling alley courtesy of The Star.

Betty Telford, Rebecca Hill, Gary Abbey and Michael Wheatley saw the Owls play Hartlepool, and 18 lucky winners bagged copies of Gary Bushell’s autobiography - Julie Picton, Maureen Lester, Beverley Sutton, Mark Johnson, Alan Broomhead, Linda Carter, Denise Holder, Joanne Foster, Ann Haythorne, Jane Roberts, Gordon Abbott, June Poke, Andy Lumley, Laura Rackham, Lawrence Evans, John Power, Linda Tankard and John Tingay.

Katie Melua tickets were won by Estelle Dodworth, Adele Donnellan, Michelle Porter-Read, Emily Radford, Vannessa Toone, Natalie Davies, Janet Thompson and Maria Clarke.

Michelle Grace won a children’s revision pack, and Jennifer Gilligan received two children’s bikes worth over £400.

John Spencer, Sally May King, Andrew Roscamp won tickets to see Big Country as well as CDs, while Jayne Sanderson was treated to a hotel break in Stratford.

Faye Kennedy won a £500 drum kit, and Patrol Man DVDs were picked up by Martin Kirk, Michael Ball, Joanne Slack, Brian Ashforth and Alan Dewey.