Star Opinion: use your vote

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There’s a saying that sums up The Star’s standpoint on the by-election for South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner – use it or lose it.

Use your vote to choose the candidate you feel is the man for the job, or lose the right to complain about who wins and how the job is carried out.

The turnout at the last PCC election in the region was just 14.53 per cent, and there were record lows at the polls across the country.

It’s likely that more local people voted in last year’s X Factor final than they did to choose the person who would hold their police force to account.

The Rotherham child sex abuse scandal showed just how vital it is to have someone doing that.

Now the focus must be on getting justice for those 1,400 victims and cleaning up the role of PCC.

Some say the job should be scrapped, but that cannot happen immediately.

So the change must start with the by-election for a new commissioner.

The public have a massive role to play in making sure their vote is not wasted.

The Star is also fulfilling its role, by hosting a debate with the four candidates this Wednesday so our readers can quiz them.

Watch it live at, and then decide how you will vote on October 30.