Star Opinion: Taxing issue for us all

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There can’t be many people who actually enjoy paying their taxes.

Giving over a percentage of our salary is a necessary evil to ensure public services are there as and when we need them.

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The same is true for council tax, which funds local services vital to the smooth running of a city.

Figures revealed today in The Star show the extent to which some Sheffield residents have failed to pay their share.

The problem is citywide with individual amounts the highest in some of the more affluent suburbs while the cumulative total is greatest in some of the most socially deprived areas.

The council is right to pursue those who wilfully don’t pay their council tax.

Some people have more difficulty than others in making ends meet but the council have measures in place to help out the most needy.

However, while we encourage people to pay their council tax there is also responsibilty put on the council to ensure it is spent prudently.

Every penny handed over is one that – for the most part – has been hard-earned. Money is tight across the board so when the direct debit disappears from our banks accounts we need to know the cash is used wisely.