Star Opinion: Rotherham ineptitude laid bare by MPs

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The outrage on the face of Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz was clear to see.

Mr Vaz was leading the questioning of five of the people who may be able to give answers as to why 1,400 girls were sexually abused in South Yorkshire.

Martin Kimber, chief executive of Rotherham council and his colleague Joyce Thacker, head of children’s services, had already demonstrated their inability to take responsibilty.

And the less said about the weak answers provided by former chief constable of South Yorkshire police Med Hughes the better when Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright was interrogated by Mr Vaz and his fellow MPs.

Any credibility Mr Wright may have had left was shredded as he failed time and again to take responsibility for massive failings on his watch.

The committee had insisted that all those that were questioned – including current chief constable David Crompton – were under oath. It ended with Mr Wright and Mrs Thacker being urged to resign from their jobs. They occupy positions of huge responsibility that need the confidence of the people they represent.

We urge them both to follow the wishes of the committee and go. Now.