Star Opinion: Fighting back against thugs

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Sheffield shopkeeper Sharon Brook showed her mettle as she fought off an armed robber who was demanding money from her till.

But while Sharon’s bravery is in no doubt, and she seems to have taken the incident in her stride, it must have been a terrifying experience for the ‘Super Gran’ from Beighton.

The incident will be chalked up as the fifth armed robbery in the area in a matter of weeks. Police have a man in custody under arrest for three of the other offences but it’s worrying when a spate of violent crime occurs.

Grandmother Sharon shouldn’t have to defend her own property from a coward who’d prefer to steal her hard-earned takings instead of lawfully making his own money.

Just as the weekend when the nation paid its respects to those that gave their lives to preserve the freedom of others was starting, the robber was showing himself to be a particularly pathetic character by threatening Sharon. Hopefully he will soon be caught and punished accordingly.

People should be free to run their businesses without worrying that this kind of crime taking place.

The police have many priorities. Cracking down on this sort of behaviour should be high on the list.