Star helps driver over DVLA fine for car tax disc

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Another successful result for The Star’s Action Desk...

Diana Stannard, of Dronfield, received a letter from DVLA demanding she pay £101 for an untaxed vehicle.

Her car was taxed, but the disc had dropped off the windscreen and into the foot well.

But this would be fine, wouldn’t it?

Shouldn’t the DVLA’s computer system have flagged up she had a valid disc before a letter asking for an out-of-court settlement was sent out?

And what’s more, the tax disc will be abolished forever on October 1 after 93 years – in favour of a digital system.

Mrs Stannard received the letter on Monday, June 9, and appealed the following day.

The letter stated she must pay £101 by Saturday, June 21, or face court action.

So when she hadn’t heard anything back from the DVLA after a few weeks she contacted The Star for help.


Just days after Action Desk contacted the DVLA, Mrs Stannard received a letter of apology.

It stated the letter was sent out due to a ‘clerical error’.

It said: “Please accept my profuse apologises for this clerical error – the case has now been closed and there will be no further action.”