Star columnist, Michael Bell - One connection could be vital

Sheffield entrepreneur Michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
Sheffield entrepreneur Michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
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One of the most challenging areas for any company is getting business coming through the door.

Whether it’s a shop needing a constant footfall of customers or an internet business needing website hits – an ever-present flow of business is essential.

I’ve tried scores of tested ways of bringing in new business over the years and there must be over a hundred solid solutions.

Networking, done correctly, can be dynamite in terms of opening up new business opportunities.

Sadly, the majority of networking groups are built on the premise of quantity not quality. ie. The more business cards you collect at a meeting, the more successful you’ve become.

If you’ve ever done the rounds of these meetings you’ll be painfully aware it doesn’t work. These aren’t the start of relationships that build world-beating businesses – you just end up with piles of business cards you’ll never pick up again.

I like to think of networking as the creation of a net – a net where you capture people, nurture their skills and their contacts and then go about linking up their business world with your own business world.

Networking is all about being strategic. It’s about going to the right place to meet the right people. I’ve met some of my best contacts on trains and planes – ensuring I was travelling business class of course.

My monthly Late Late Breakfast meeting and associated Results Hub business puts my networking theory into practice.

I’m working to create relationships that will last a lifetime and generate tens of thousands of pounds of business every month, relationships that will grow into bigger networks that will see business turnovers growing in an amazing way.

And that will all start with just one connection.

So the next time you exchange a business card don’t just stick it in your wallet and forget about it. Do what I do and ask the person if it would be okay for you to study their website and then give them a ring at a later date. The trick is having a genuine reason to ring them and for them to be expecting your call.

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