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Plans for an M! service station at Smithy Wood have stirred up controversy
Plans for an M! service station at Smithy Wood have stirred up controversy
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I feel compelled to respond to the letter from Barrie Bellamy of the High Green Action Team, (Star Letter, November 12), regarding the proposed Motorway Service Station at junction 35.

I would be interested to know if his views were in a personal capacity, or those of the High Green Development trust as a whole?

In his letter Barrie suggested I should get my facts right.

I can assure Barrie that every letter I write I consider carefully what I say.

The presentation Extra gave to the parish council was not publicised on any of the parish council’s notice boards as far as I am aware, which meant most people did not know it was taking place.

It seems to me that our woodland is under threat right across the city, from Rustlings Road in the south to Smithy Wood in the north.

If the 800-year-old ancient woodland at Smithy Wood is destroyed to make way for this development, the woodland is lost forever.

If the planning application is rejected, the damage done by off road bikes can be reversed.

Finally, Barrie makes the ludicrous statement that if Mick Gethin was against this development, I would be in favour. Sorry, but that is just a cheap dig that is factually incorrect.

I have always been opposed to this development, even before I knew Mick’s view.

Locally, we have already seen the devastation caused by thousands of trees being destroyed at Hesley Wood for Recycoal’s flawed, (now abandoned), coal cleaning operation.

Isn’t it about time we stood up for our environment?

Colin Taylor

by email