Stalin comparison by MTT bewildered me

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My letter on the uncertain future of Sheffield’s green belt has sparked healthy debate. However, I was bewildered to have been compared to Stalin by ‘MTT’.

Firstly, it’s not NIMBYism to care passionately about the future of our green surroundings. The protection afforded to green belts have been an intrinsic part of our planning system for many years.

Despite what MTT says, the Conservatives stand for sustainable and appropriate development. Central to the government’s planning policy are the ideas that development should be sustainable, planning should be locally led and our green belts should be protected. Any claims to the contrary are a complete fallacy.

So too are the claims that Mr Pickles rubber stamps developments in the greenbelt. In Thundersley, Essex, he rejected the development of 165 dwellings on green belt land because it would risk “setting an undesirable precedent for similar developments which would seriously undermine national green belt policy”?

Finally, MTT’s spurious claims about the so-called ‘gagging clause’ are absurd. The Transparency of Lobbying Bill does not seek to limit campaigning groups but will instead curb the trade unions, who have exercised too much influence over our politics.

Alex Dale

Conservative Candidate for Dore and Totley Ward