Stabbing was ‘in self-defence’

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A man who admitted stabbing his neighbour to death in South Yorkshire told jurors he was acting in self-defence.

Pathologists concluded some of the 12 knife injuries inflicted on 44-year-old George ‘Jock’ Dunn would have required ‘severe force’.

But Mark Stocks, who is accused of his pal’s murder in Rotherham, told Sheffield Crown Court they were the result of a struggle between both men.

Stocks, aged 39, said: “He was coming at me. I was waving the knife around and he was trying to grab it off me. I was defending myself.

“I am responsible for the wounds, but I cannot remember it, it all happened so fast.”

Mr Dunn was at Stocks’ flat in East Herringthorpe in May when the alleged attack took place.

The jury was played a 999 call where the victim could be heard saying ‘help me please, I’ve been stabbed to death’.

Stocks’ co-accused Donna Haylock, 45, could be heard talking in the background.

When emergency services called back, Stocks spoke to the operator.

He gave a false name and said he and his friend had been ‘messing about with rubber arrows’.

Stocks said: “Jock handed the phone to me. Donna was helping him.”

Stocks is accused of keeping his victim locked in the flat as he bled to death to prevent him seeking medical attention.

Forensics teams found traces of Mr Dunn’s blood and hair on the living room window, where the prosecution say he was forced to make an escape.

But Stocks, of Greenfield Road, East Herringthorpe, said: “There is no reason I know he couldn’t go out of the door. I wasn’t trying to keep him there.”

The trial continues.