Stabbed Kell Brook is ‘naive’ says Sheffield trainer

Kell Brook
Kell Brook
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Kell Brook’s trainer today said the world champion should be grateful he is alive as new details of the boxer’s stabbing were revealed.

Dom Ingle, who coached the Sheffield welterweight to title glory on August 16, believes Brook could “have been on his way out” after being knifed on holiday in Tenerife.

It appears Brook, 28, had dined with pregnant partner Lindsey before accepting an invitation to join some men partying in San Miguel de Abona.

The Grenoside man says he was later “the victim of an unprovoked attack” - and had to drag himself back to the safety of his apartment - leaving a trail of blood on the street - before the alarm was raised.

Full details of his wounds have not been released. But Ingle said: “The positive thing is that the wound, while deep, didn’t cause any tendon or ligament damage. He had to undergo an operation lasting a couple of hours and will now be in a cast for four weeks.

“We have a specialist lined up here to study the hospital report when they release it.”

Ingle said Brook’s girlfriend had disclosed the boxer had “not been in a good way but had got to the hospital in just the right amount of time.”

“If the hospital hadn’t got their hands on him when they did - he had lost that much blood - he could have been on his way out.”

The Spanish Guardia Civil is investigating how Brook had originally come into contact with the assailant.

Ingle said: “It seems like after Lindsey had gone back to their apartment after dinner but Kell went to ‘give the ball a kick.’

“Kell is very sociable, a great lad, but maybe, considering other things that have happened before, a bit naive in who he is with.”

Asked how the IBF champ was psychologically, Ingle replied: “The police have Kell’s phone so I’ve not spoken to him, but it’s a huge set-back to have won the world title and then been stabbed within three weeks. But more importantly, Kell should be glad he is alive.”

After Brook’s cast is removed, he will have weeks of rehabilitation in the swimming pool and the gym before he can even start to think of a lucrative New Year defence of his world crown.