‘Stab victim arranged to meet killer’

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A TAXI driver told a murder trial jury a teenage South Yorkshire mum used his mobile phone to arrange to meet one of the men accused of killing her.

Cabbie Shaheed Mahmood, who works for Fast Four Taxis, told Sheffield Crown Court he knew murder victim Laura Wilson very well.

He then described how on the last night she was seen alive, he was parked up in Hartington Road, Rotherham, waiting for fares when the 17-year-old mum-of-one approached him and asked to use his phone.

He said she walked over to his cab and asked to come in because she was cold.

Mr Mahmood said she was drunk and very loud and he asked her to get out of the car when she started playing with the stereo. She then had a cigarette and asked to use his phone again to call Ashtiaq Asghar.

Asghar and Ishaq Hussain, the father of Laura’s baby, are accused of murdering the teenager.

Mr Mahmood told the court: “I rang Ash’s number and passed the phone to her. She walked away but I heard her say she wanted to meet up.

“I can’t remember exactly what she said but it was about meeting up for definite. Down the canal, down the cut.”

Phone records show Mr Mahmood’s mobile had been used three times to call Mr Asghar’s mobile between 9.37pm and 9.38pm on October 9 - the night Laura went missing.

The court heard Mr Mahmood was then asked by his office to pick up a fare and left the scene.

He said two days later he took part in a search for Laura and described how her sister Sarah dropped to her knees and began to scream when she found Laura’s sandal.

Laura’s body, which had been stabbed several times, was found nearby in the Sheffield to Keighley Canal, near Meadowhall.

Asghar, 18, of Holmes Lane, Holmes, Rotherham, and Hussain, 22, of Ferham Road, Holmes, both deny her murder.

The trial continues.