Squeaky clean Christine is not as innocent as she makes out to be

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That ever-so-smiley telly girl Christine Bleakley isn’t beaming right now.

Squeaky-clean Bleakley has caused a bit of a furore by going back to her old school – in her old uniform.

She looked quite sexy in her little blazer, green skirt and matching knee-high socks as she marched through the gates of her Belfast grammar. Therein lay the problem.

And don’t tell me she’s so innocent she didn’t realise, and that her sole intention was to fit in with the forest of green-clad teenage girls.

The minute she discovered she could still get that uniform on, Christine was on either PR or ego-trip.

It was bound to agitate scores of women who could barely squeeze an old school sock on any more. But more worryingly, the sight of a stunning, fully-grown woman strutting schoolgirl chic probably fuelled many a paedophile fantasy.

Christine might argue that school-style satchels, blazers and even ties are a major fashion trend right now. And that scores of women dress up for fancy dress parties and Skool Rools-themed disco nights.

True, all true. But those women are A. Not drop-dead gorgeous and B. not going to be emblazoned across every tabloid in the land.

Instead of heading off to proudly do a Britney, the 32-year-old should have employed a bit of worldly wisdom a woman should have acquired by that age – and a seamstress to at least let down her skirt hem.