Specialist centre for weight loss and cosmetic surgery branded a ‘disgrace’ by judge

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A PRIVATE hospital in Rotherham which specialised in weight loss and cosmetic surgery has been slammed at a health tribunal for a series of failings which could have led to a “very serious incident”.

The former Parkfield Hospital in Clifton Lane was described as “a disgrace” by Nancy Hillier, the judge in the Health, Education and Social Care Tribunal.

The company offered patients cosmetic surgery, laparoscopic insertion of gastric balloons, gastric banding, laser hair removal and eye surgery, but went into administration in 2009.

Director Dr Promod Bhatnager was suspended from practice by the General Medical Council in October 2009, but tried to form a new company – Rotherham Private Hospital Ltd – to be registered as an independent hospital at the same location.

But his hopes were dashed by the tribunal who rejected his plea that flawed inspections had been carried out by “biased and incompetent” inspectors, and that Rotherham Private Hospital Ltd had been “treated differently” than other providers.

He also failed to convince the tribunal inspections carried out when Parkfield was in control should not be held against the new company as they were “entirely different legal entities”.

Judge Hillier said inspections had revealed “significant and extensive breaches of the relevant standards” and the refusal to register Rotherham Private Hospital Ltd was “appropriate”.

Failings included the fact the keys to the drugs cabinet were kept in an unlocked drawer.

She said management followed an ethos that “all is well if nothing serious has happened to the patients”.

“As a result of the breaches, safety was potentially compromised to such an extent that a very serious incident could quite easily have occurred.

“The system at Parkfield was simply not safe.”