Special hospital carers

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I recently returned from the Northern General after surgery for bowel and liver cancer and to say this was traumatic is a bit of an understatement.

Can I thank everyone who crossed my path from the moment I was told I had cancer to the moment I got into my son-in-law’s car to come home. It’s not over yet. I have to undergo chemotherapy, but there are many people to thank, from Professor Nelson onwards – and I say onwards rather than downwards, as, I believe he will agree each and every person from theatre staff, critical aid unit and all the staff on Vickers Three are special.

I know they are two words used many times without much meaning, but they come from the bottom of my heart: thank you!

David A Green, Grenoside

Safety poster caught my eye

I WAS amused to see the latest safety posters on display on First buses.

‘Accidents can happen on the stairs – please stay off them when the bus is moving’ particularly caught my eye. However, it seems that First are merely paying lip service to the health and safety of their passengers.

I travel regularly on the X78 bus to Doncaster and have witnessed the bus start to move away while passengers are still on the stairs on many occasions. Once I saw a child fall.

I asked a driver why this happens and the reply astounded me: “Many of the screens in the cab are broken love, so we can’t see. All we can do is listen for footsteps. They won’t fix them because it costs money.”

Solicitors must be rubbing their hands with glee!

Sharon Muscroft, Rawmarsh