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It was good to see David Blunkett’s reasoned letter (The Star, July 4) in support of retaining the trees on Rustlings Road and our city’s green street heritage. It also drew attention to the intransigence of the current SCC Labour group.

Hallam MP Nick Clegg has also supported the campaign since it’s start.

Although Coun Fox has instigated the first bi-monthly tree forum this coming Thursday at which these and our other road trees will be debated, it’s hard to feel positive about the outcome in spite of the fact that more than 11,000 people have expressed the need to keep them.

After all, it was Coun Fox who announced to your paper that “all options are open”, and less than two weeks later proposed the motion at the full council meeting to take no action in support of the campaign.

It is now time for Sheffield’s other Labour MPs to make their voices urgently heard on this important subject – before Amey starts the butchery.

Steve Johnson

Rustlings Road