South Yorkshire mum receives Lotto cash to help addicts’ families

Barnsley Beacon Support Service'June Marshall who set up the service after her sons became hard drug users
Barnsley Beacon Support Service'June Marshall who set up the service after her sons became hard drug users
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A SOUTH Yorkshire mum whose three sons were all heroin addicts at the same time has secured Lottery cash to fund a new scheme to help friends and relatives of other drug users.

June Marshall, aged 67, of Royston, set up the Barnsley Beacon charity 12 years ago to help other families with loved ones using drink or drugs.

Her three sons - Shaun, Lee and David - all used drugs, and in October last year Lee, 41, died after overdosing.

His brothers are now both clean.

Their mum June has received a £22,000 Lottery grant to run a new programme at her charity over the next three years.

The Stepping Stones programme is a seven part plan which helps friends and relatives of addicts rebuild their lives.

June said: “When all my three sons were using drugs there was no real help available, none in fact.

“When you find yourself in that position it is devastating, absolutely devastating. Nobody could tell me there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel, I just felt so alone.

“It was when one of my sons was in rehab and we visited him and found others in a similar position that I knew I needed to do something to bring people going through the same thing together.”

Her charity offers advice, support and counselling.

She said her three sons became addicted to drugs after experimenting with cannabis and inhaling aerosols.

June said: “At their worst they were all on heroin at the same time. It was horrendous. They used to go missing, they used to steal from us, you never knew if you would see them again. And with this going on you just feel so isolated.

“When you have a loved one misusing substances it is like there is a monkey sat on your shoulder, it’s always there. You never stop worrying.

“This new seven step programme we are offering will help people going through what we went though.

“There is no time restriction on completing this new programme. Nobody will be rushed through because everyone is on a different journey. We also offer an after-care programme for families.”

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