South Yorkshire litter buster's appeal for helpers

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A South Yorkshire man who was shocked to find roads near his new home ‘caked in rubbish’ is campaigning to clean up the neighbourhood with a weekly litter pick.

Tim Wells started litter picking near his home on Victoria Street, Dinnington, soon after moving in six months ago.

He said: “It was just like a stream of litter. You could see it down either side of the road. It makes me feel sick, personally. I can’t sit back and see it happening. I want to use my time wisely, so it’s doing something about it now instead of letting it fester.”

Tim said he has found a fridge, mattresses, couches and syringes during his quest to clean up the area.

He is now looking to rally a team of ‘litter busters’ who will help him in his mission.

He said: “If I could get 10 people doing just half an hour a week we could make a massive difference.

“It’s an education problem more than anything. We have to educate the community – either pop the litter in your pocket or put it in a bin.

“Shops are now charging 5p for plastic bags in an attempt to help save the planet. What’s ironic is there must be dozens of plastic bags lying around in Dinnington.”

Coun Simon Tweed, Rotherham Borough Council member for Dinnington, said: “The bottom line is if people just took a few seconds to put their litter in a bin or a tip, we wouldn’t have this to deal with.

“It’s an ongoing problem, not just in Tim’s area, but throughout the whole ward that the council are trying to address.”

n Anybody interested in participating in the litter pick can call Tim on 01909 282435 or email