South Yorkshire football clubs kick off Parliament talks for schoolchildren

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Football clubs in South Yorkshire are hoping to kick off an interest in Parliament and democracy for local youngsters.

The Football League Trust has launched an innovative project which will see football clubs visiting South Yorkshire schools to educate children about the work of Parliament.

Doncaster Rovers, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Barnsley and Rotherham football clubs have all signed up.

The community trusts from the clubs will talk to the children about Parliament, politics and democracy through the themes of gamesmanship, rule-making and active citizenship.

Mike Evans, of the Football League Trust, said: “It’s not immediately obvious why football is teaching children about the democratic process. However, football clubs are based at the heart of their communities and the power of the club badge within that community means children are often prepared to listen when coaches and players visit schools. Especially in an election year it is vitally important that children understand the importance of a democratic process and why it is relevant to them.”