South Yorkshire club destroyed by blaze

A fire at a builder's yard in Greasbrough

A fire at a builder's yard in Greasbrough

FIREFIGHTERS from across South Yorkshire battled through the night after a working men’s club went up in flames.

They spent about six hours at the disused club on Farm Road, Kendray, Barnsley, after the blaze was discovered at 12.30am yesterday.

When crews first arrived they said there was so much thick smoke they could barely see the building.

Within 30 minutes, half of the building collapsed, but firefighters escaped unharmed.

The blaze had breached the roof space of the building and flames were shooting out.

Bosses assessed the former club as too dangerous to enter and instead ordered the flames were fought from a combined aerial rescue pump and jets on the ground.

Firefighters from Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Tankersley, Cudworth and Dearne were among those involved in the operation to tackle the blaze.

Crew manager Gavin Jones, of Barnsley fire station, said: “When we pulled up we could barely see in front of us, or where the club even was, because there was so much thick smoke.

“Because there were no reports of people trapped or the possibility of people inside we did not enter the building - it was too unsafe. Within half an hour half of it had collapsed.

At 6.15am yesterday firefighters dealt with a blaze in a disused outhouse on a builder’s yard on Church Street, Greasbrough, Rotherham.

It is not yet known what caused either of the blazes.




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