Sorry he got caught

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I HOPE anyone seen shoplifting five times in Tesco will get a caution, like Anthony Worrall Thompson.

Why did they let him do it five times before calling the police? Of course he’s sorry. He’s sorry that he got caught.

Anne Taylor, S9

No time for sleeping

I HAVE just picked up the Star to read of four fires, one under the other. It doesn’t sound to me like the firemen can spend all their time sleeping.

Mrs F Greaves, Castle Hill, Eckington

Waste time on Twitter

Why do Lib-Dem concillors want to spend their time on Twitter reading about what Coun Steve Willson is saying.

In recent weeks you’ve reported on two of his tweets. Why? These can hardly be classed as news on even interesting.

Most readers are not bothered about what anybody is saying on Twitter, other that the amusing snippets printed on the Letters Page.

Mick Gethin, Westbury Ave, Chapeltown

City of Sanctuary

Don’t take our refuse collection to fortnightly, simply take down the sign that states City of Sanctuary and spend less of my cash on people that have no rights to what I have worked for.

Also don’t build on green field sites to accommodate an ever growing population, cap the population! Sheffield is full Yorkshire is full England is full. Enough!

LS, Sheffield